Where Can I Complete a Warranty Claim Form Online?

Where Can I Complete a Warranty Claim Form Online?

At Kayak Distribution (Riot Kayaks, Boreal Design, Cobra Kayaks, Azul Kayaks, Riot SUP’s and Beluga Outdoor Gear) we stand behind our products with a 5 year limited warranty and 1 year on parts in North America.  If there is a problem with your kayak our goal is to solve the issue quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the water and enjoy the rest of the season. 

This warranty claim form only applies in the United States and Canada. In all other countries, the appointed distributor is solely responsible to administer the warranty according to governing by-laws and corporate policies (find the international dealers here).

Step 1
: Please read our Warranty Agreement first.

Step 2: If after reading you still would like to make a claim, please contact your local dealer for service.

Step 3: If that is not possible, then please fill out and submit the online here

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